Henk Hofstra is a Dutch artist who created a lot of big art projects in public spaces. He did that in many towns around the world, for example in Rotterdam, St. Petersburg, New York, Santiago de Chili and Wuhan/China. The  projects are alienating, endearing, sometimes controversial and always talked about. They bring up a public debate or are responding at one. They show, twist or give a bright new sight at the everyday things all around us, the things we thought we knew so well.

With his art projects Hofstra always surprises the public and the media worldwide. After Hofstra released a new project, we view the world a bit differently. And that’s why a lot of people come to visit his art, they all want to see it with their own eyes.  

Besides initiating and making big art projects, Henk Hofstra gives masterclasses at the request of companies and other (non-profit / governmental) organisations. You can book him for a brainstorm session, a speak or an introduction about his works. Interested? Contact him by e-mail: info@henkhofstra.nl

More paintings you can find here: www.hjhofstra.nl


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